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St Alban's Catholic Academy

St Alban's

Catholic Academy

First Avenue, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2NP

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

During this Topic we will learn about rivers, river systems and their dynamic (changing the landscape in visible and at times dramatic ways). We will explore the river system, following the journey of a river through its upper, middle and lower course; from its source in the mountains, through the meanders of flatter land, to the estuary and its mouth. We will also explore the process of flooding and why and how rivers breach their banks. Using a variety of resources, we will learn that the upper course of a river is characterised by steep land, turbulent water and V shaped river valleys. In the middle course, land is flatter and rivers widen and begin to meander. Looking in more depth at key physical processes, we will gain an understanding of erosion, transportation and deposition and the role these processes play in shaping the river. The formation of oxbow lakes will also be discussed. We hope that all these activities will make the study of geography an exciting and stimulating learning experience!

Hook with a book: Once upon a Raindrop by James Carter

Guided Reading: Song of the Dolphin Boy by Elizabeth Laird