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Reading with your child regularly at home can have a remarkable effect on the progress they make at school. To maximise this progress, it is best to hear your child read little and often; 10-15 minutes every day is all it takes. 

Your child's teacher will hear them read at least once each week and the class LSA will hear them read once more. When you read with your child don't forget to sign their reading diary so that we know they have read with you and whether or not the book needs changing. 

While it is important that your child can decode the words in the text, it is equally important that they have understood what they have read. You can support this skill by asking your child lots of questions about what they have read. You might ask them to predict what is going to happen next, or what the main parts of the story are or what their opinion of the story is. There are some helpful guides to reading with your child in the tab to the right. 

Above all, reading should be fun and enjoyable for your child. Although the book we give you at school is important, please encourage your child to read other books from a range of genres.


Please see the following link for reading recommendations.