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St Alban's Catholic Academy

St Alban's

Catholic Academy

First Avenue, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2NP

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

On Thursday 19th January 2023, Year 3 visited Colchester Castle to start our fantastic Romans learning from our Bella Italia topic. As we explored in the castle, we got to discover all the Roman artefacts found in the castle grounds as well as exploring what life was like for the Romans (and Celts) in Colchester. 


During our visit we took part in 2 activities:

The first was constructing a Celtic Round house and Roman Villa. We worked in teams and followed the instructions to build these amazing structures then talked about the similarities and differences between them. It was amazing to see how differently the Celts and the Romans lived!

What can you remember?

For the last section of our day we went deep underground to the Roman Vaults under the castle! During this time we were led by a member of staff to explain how Colchester became a Roman settlement and that the Castle was originally a temple to the Emperor Claudius but was destroyed by Boudicca (a Celtic queen) We also learnt about Roman soldiers weapons, armour and how the military might of Rome managed to stop Boudicca and the Celtic tribes from any more wars. 

What an absolutely amazing trip we had! What was your favourite part?